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Manifestations of The Spirit - David Oyedepo - e-copy

In this great book, born of the undeniable revival fire right now in all facets of his ministry, Dr ..

Operating in the Supernatural - David Oyedepo - e-copy

I believe the supernatural is the true root of Christianity.What do I mean by this? Consider this: t..

Possessing Your Possession - David Oyedepo - e-copy

Every redeemed child of God has an enviable heritage - possessions of great value in Him. Unfortunat..

Rescued from Destruction - Faith Oyedepo - e-copy

Passing through the valley of the shadow of death practically, Pastor Faith A. Oyedepo, in this book..

Satan Get Lost - David Oyedepo - e-copy

God Wants You Free. The Lord spoke to me in a vision on the 1st of May 1981. I saw all the blind, th..
shiloh 2016

shiloh 2016

Please note: You will have to unzip the folder before you can access the files therein.  You ..
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