Encounter with Destiny through Books
(I, Daniel understood by books – Daniel 9:2)


“The value of words cannot be adequately quantified, whether written or spoken.” – David Oyedepo

Words either makes or break destinies. That’s why God gave us his word as a road-map to guide us through the journey of life.

All through scriptures, God has always made available to the church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to help provoke us through the authorship of anointed, life-changing and destiny-molding books that are packaged to help us understand how best to put the word of God to work. (Isaiah 30: 20-21).

On February 14, 1983, the Lord said to me, “The words I have put in your mouth, the same commit into writing and I will cause the same unction on the spoken words to rest upon the written word, bringing about the same effect”.

To further confirm this, God again spoke to me direct from scriptures saying “What thou seest, write in a book” (Revelation 1:11). This gave birth to what is now known as Dominion Publishing House (DPH), with over 100 titles in print.

My books published till date have found their way into virtually every part of the world, reaping bountiful harvest of salvation, healing, deliverance and diverse breakthrough testimonies.

We must understand that our lives can be transformed through reading. As it is written: “Till I come, give attendance to reading< . . . Meditate upon these things, give thyself wholly to them that thy profiting may appear to all” (1 Timothy 4:13, 15). It is time to have a new sense of value for anointed books and to desperately search for knowledge, giving ourselves to the diligent practice of discovered truth so that we can also have a story to tell.

Listed below are testimonies that validate the destiny-molding power of books. Read and be transformed.

Jesus is Lord!

David Oyedepo


You shall Not Be barren

Protruded Stomach Flattened

(Testifier: Hamzart, J.)

“I had a protruded stomach. I went for a test and nothing was diagnosed.

Last Sunday, after the teachings from this exalted altar by the Bishop, I engaged in fasting and prayer. At the end of it, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to read Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo’s book, titled, Rescued from Destruction.

I had read that book before, but it didn’t make much meaning to me. When I read the book that day, it really made sense to me. I practiced all that was written in it, step-by-step.

On Friday morning, while having my devotion, I listened to hear what God would say as the Bishop advised us to do. After praying and waiting on God, I felt a lump jump out of my stomach now I can press my stomach.Praise the Lord!”


Miracle Baby via Book Encounter!

Abisola, A. (Testifier)

“I joined this Commission in June 2010, filled with sorrow. I had two miscarriages, and two still births. Then, I settled with God.
During Shiloh 2019, I heard the Bishop say, ‘Everyday is God’s day’ the day you settle down is your day.’ It hit me! I told God to give me a child, because I was ridiculed by family and friends. I heard the Word of God continuously from the mouth of the Bishop and testimonies on book encounter.

In a bid to have my own testimony, I bought the Bishop’s book titled: You Shall Not Be Barren and devoured it. I declared that since the God of this Commission has done it for other women, He would give me my child too.  I followed all the instructions in the book and God stepped into my case. Shortly, I got pregnant and had my baby in Sep. 2-11! Praise the Lord!!!!”



Rescued From Destruction



23 Years Barrenness Destroyed! – Mr. & Mrs. Enareba


“We have been married for 23 years. The same year we got married, I got pregnant, but later had a miscarriage. Since then, we believed god for the fruit of the womb. In 2011, a friend brought me to this church. That same year, I gave my life to Christ and the Winners’ Satellite Fellowship (WSF) was opened in our house.   That same month, I took in! Although, I had a miscarriage, I wall still very happy because I had not gotten pregnant for a long time. Then, I read the book, You Shall Not Be Barren and keyed into the testimonies therein. By the end of 2011, I got pregnant again. For my shame, God gave me double? A set of twins!  Praise the Lord!”

Distributing the WORD, Liberating the World!


Exploring the Secret of Success


Career Breakthrough!

Testifier: Ugochukwu Ede

“For two years, I went through training in aircraft maintenance engineering. The examination was successful but I could not get my license due to insufficient funds, which was about a million.

On Monday, I was devastated. So I asked God, ‘Is it that I’m not righteous?’ He said, ‘Finish up the book you’ve been reading,’   which was Born to Win. In the book, the steps to victory were outlined and the first step was to keep the source.
Then I asked myself, ‘Have I been keeping to Source?’ I said, ‘Yes!’ The second point was, to be still. Then, I knew that I had to be still.

Thereafter, God said, ‘Pick up the remaining documents; go there tomorrow and apply. ‘So, I did! To the glory of God, in less than 48 hours, I got the license!

Academic Breakthrough

Testifier: Ekwuruke, A.

“In my second year in the University, my result was very poor and I almost gave up on myself.

When the word of God came via the year’s declaration ‘I have a great future,’ they infused strength and hope into me. So, I went all out for success. I read the book, Exploring the Secrets of Success authored by Bishop David Oyedepo, and became convinced that I would make it. I returned to school with confidence and read with courage, believing that God was with me.

When I wrote my first semester examination in 300 level, my result was the best in my class. I give glory to God!






Dramatic Turnaround! Testifier: Adamu Bashiru

“I was brought up as a Muslim in Kaduna. Before I joined this Commission in 2003, I suffered from inferiority complex and could not communicate effectively.

In 2002, I saw an advert of the Bishop’s book, Making Maximum Impact on Winner’s magazine. Since I was not a member of this Church, I sent a friend to help me buy the book. I read that book 11 times and my turnaround began. As a corps member serving in Benue state, I embarked on Community Development Service (CDS) and I was able to establish the first library for inmates in Otukpo prison. Through this project, I got a scholarship to India to study social entrepreneurship at Kanthari International Institute of Social Entrepreneur.

IWhile in India, I was able to work on my vision, which birth Dream Again Youth and Prison Empowerment. its mission is to transform prisons in Nigeria from an institute of punishment to an academy of change and to challenge the youths to accept responsibility towards building their own dreams. IDuring my course in India, I was a guest speaker at TeDX Vilore University of Technology, which happened to be the seventh best University of Technology in India. I’m also privileged to author a book titled, ‘Service: My Path to Greatness.’ Indeed, grace and peace multiplies through knowledge!”


Distributing the WORD, Liberating the World!


Winning Invisible Battles


Health Restoration!

Testifier: Favour, A.

“I had back pain, a challenge in my chest, lungs, and internal heat. I could hardly breathe.

I attended the Faith Clinic and also bought books on healing such as: Healing Balm, Healing Scriptures and The Blood Triumph, believing God for my healing.

I did not buy any drug, but believed in the prescription of the Great Physician, which I contacted from these books like the Communion and Anointing Oil. Now, my health is perfectly restored. I give all the glory to God!”

Miracle Job & Increment in Salary!

“In October 2011, I resigned from my place of work to deliver my baby because company policy prohibits maternity leave. Six months later, I reapplied to my former place of work but was told my services were no longer required.
For a year, I was jobless when the 21-day prayer and fasting was declared, I was determined to experience a change of story. I wrote my expectations and keyed into every blessing attached to the exercise.

At the last Breakthrough Night, I received a text message from a recruiting firm inviting me for an interview at an Oil and Gas company. Though, I couldn’t remember applying for any, I built my faith to attend the interview. Then, I remembered I  had read in the book, ‘Winning Invisible Battles’ that we can engage our angels to go ahead of us. So, I did same.

Few days after, I received another text from the agency stating that, I have been shortlisted to meet with the Managing Director of the company. I praise God, because I knew it was settled. God favored me and I got the job.  Praise the Lord!”


The Blood Triumph

Divine Encounters! – Testifier: Ben Bernard (Gereja, Malaysia)

“I came in contact with the Bishop’s books through a pastor in Indonesia. He gave me four of his books and told me to read them and that they would bless me. I read them with great excitement and encountered God’s power upon my life. We started reading those books in our Sunday services and there was a release of power upon our congregation. For the past two years, we’ve had diverse testimonies of smokers who gave up the habit and people with fetish beliefs abandoned their practices.

Recently, the Lord began to speak to my son Joshua about Bishop David Oyedepo through dreams and open vision. The Lord told him about the new assignment He gave to the Bishop concerning a great reawakening that would take place in the world.

Based on these revelations and impartation from the books, the Lord instructed us to embark on a journey to Africa to see the Bishop. So we obeyed. One of the things the Lord told us to say to him was concerning the new place of double portion He was about to take him to, which was backed up with Joel 2:23. God repeated double portion continuously and I could hear clearly that it was time for the spring rain.
Through those books, my 15 year old son changed completely. He contacted the power of God and spoke great mysteries. Today, he ministers to people. To God be all the glory!”


Distributing the WORD, Liberating the World!



Turnaround Encounters

Annie Halvorson (California, USA)

“When a friend of mine returned from Nigeria, he gave me a book, The Miracle Meal authored by Bishop Oyedepo. The encounter I got from the book changed my spirit, mind and body, though my husband have been in the ministry for over 50 years.

I purchase 6 other titles including “The Wisdom that Works”, and from this book, God answered many questions of my life. I caught so much light from the book, that I read it aloud to our congregation. They were so excited and we ordered for more books authored by the Bishop.

Previously, I was very ill and I had come to a stage where my body was desperately worn out. Though I had read many healing books and knew many healing scriptures, but I didn’t understand that I had to sit, read and think. This discovery set me free and became health to my whole person. There were day I did nothing but sit and read because what I read was God’s message to me.  I am so gratefully blessed of God to have the exposure of the Bishop’s life encounters. To God be the glory!

Divine Healing!

Testifier: Adejo A.

“I came to this church three weeks ago limping and in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital and an X-ray was conducted. Based on the results, the doctors told me there was nothing wrong with my bone because nothing was detected. But I knew something was wrong because of the agony I experienced.

I came in contact with a book given to me by a sister in this church, titled, Rescued from Destruction, authored by Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo.

When I got to chapter 11 of the book, where prayer points were written, I used it as my prayer guideline and started praying. I could not go out for two months because the pain was so intense.
Three weeks ago, I came to this church and heard a message preached by the Bishop, titled, Understanding the Miracle Power of Impartation.

From that service, I got a mantle. When I got home, I tied the mantle. When I got home, I tied the mantle on my leg and slept with it till the next morning. After three days, I was able to go out. Right now, I can stand and I don’t limp anymore. I give God all the glory!”





4-Year Old with ‘SS’ Turns ‘AA’ through Book Encounter!
Testifier’s Mum: Mrs. Gift, F.