The Publishing Mandate

This is Dr. Oyedepo’s summary of the reason for the
Publishing Ministry of David Oyedepo Ministry Int’l:

We are not publishing for money,
We are publishing to make men stop mourning!
We owe the people education, and this is what we are doing with the word of faith in prints… it is a ministry of illumination by literature.

On December 5, 1992, Dominion Publishing House was formally commissioned at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos by Pastor Dr. E.A. Adeboye.  At that commissioning, six new books by Dr.David Oyedepo were dedicated:

  • Anointing For Breakthrough
  • Towards Excellence In Life and Ministry
  • Releasing The Supernatural
  • Understanding Vision
  • Excellency Of Wisdom
  • Covenant Wealth.

In an address given by Dr. Oyedepo at the commissioning, he said:

Dominion Publishing House was formally commissioned at the National Arts Theatre in Lagos by Pastor Dr. E.A. Adeboye on December 5, 1992,

“The vision of the Dominion House literature crusade is premised on the well-established fact that knowledge, which is a product of learning, is a key factor in the liberation of man.

The degree of truth you know, determines your degree of freedom…
It is the vision of Dominion House to produce and flood the market with quality books that would be within the reach of the average reader.

Also speaking on the advantages of the printed word, he said:

“. . . the printed word enhances personal ministry, extends personal ministry, refines personal ministry and perpetuates personal ministry.


We’ve evolved from a small bookshop to a bigger community and we’ve gone digital.

Books tracts and newsletters will go into places a person would not be able to reach. In the words of T.L. Osborn, the printed word can “penetrate crowded cities and reach sparsely settled country sides. It can tell its story in the home or shop, in the factory or in the field. It knows no fear and flinches in the face of no man. It never tires but works 24 hours a day, even while we sleep.

It is never discouraged, but tells it’s story ever and over again it will deliver the same message to the rich and poor, king and commanders. It speaks without a foreign accent. It will witness and influence long after the author is dead”

I am a product of books and I can boldly and confidently say that books are indispensable to the total development of man.

Dominion books, are rapidly gaining international readership. This is the reason and birth of the: Dominion Books Online Store

Following the dedication of those six books in December 1992, was the publishing of five mini books authored by Pastor (Mrs) Faith A.Oyedepo. they are:

  • The Dignity Of The Believer
  • Stirring Up The Grace Of God
  • Nurturing The Incorruptible Seed
  • Service The Master Key
  • A Living Witness.

Also published in 1993, was the first book written by Bishop David .O. Abioye :
Stewardship: The Pathway To Honour.